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Sadly, too many people don’t experience how wonderful the BeachBody programs are because they are offered by a business that markets network marketing style 😞 That is why recently I felt a deep desire in my heart ❤️ to become a coach for this company once again; I believe wholeheartedly that these programs could help many on their fitness journey as much as they have helped me.

I am not looking to sign up other coaches to help me get the word out because policy states I should not do this, but I’m willing to take the heat that people all around are giving me because I know in my heart that consistent exercise is an important component of being FIT FOR LIFE - and these programs could really help someone. 

If you are SERIOUS about making exercise a DAILY habit, but do not have the time to go to the gym nor can find the motivation to exercise completely on your own at home, a membership with BeachBody could be an excellent fit for you, as it has been for me since 2007. Their professional personal trainers have designed excellent programs and  a schedule for us to follow so we can know what routine to do every day. When we press "PLAY", they will motivate us and keep us encouraged as we exercise with them and the group of people on the video. Fear not, there is always a "moderator" if you are not at the level he or she is at, and never be ashamed of always following the moderator for the majority of the routine.


Here is the link to my Coach Site if you would like me to be your coach and help you on your journey towards getting fit REGARDLESS of our age and of how busy your current schedule is: CLICK HERE.

Lately my laser-focus has been on helping people achieve the habit of exercising 30 minutes daily. What has helped me make exercise a daily habit are the fitness programs/videos created by a U.S based company called Beachbody, which I've been using for the past 12 years. I love them because professional fitness trainers have put together programs that help us achieve our goals; they have also put together schedules that simplify our life so that we can know what routine to do each day.


BeachBody offers fitness programs for pretty much every age group, from kids to the elderly, as well as for women who are pregnant and those who have recently had a baby. They have programs for beginners, and they have programs for those who are very fit, and those of us who are in between. 😂 They have high intensity programs, and low-intensity ones, as well as people who modify the workout routine in every program to show us how to make the high intensity moves low impact. It just blows my mind how much effort and time this company has put into creating programs like these and making them available to us at an amazing cost.


This is the reason why recently I upgraded my "customer"status to "Coach" status. I want to make it very clear that I do not want to purchase nor recommend any of their supplements, since I use my Young Living ones and I prefer this brand; however, I do want to be able to easily recommend the way to get the best price for others to access these amazing programs and slowly, but surely make it a DAILY habit to exercise. My coach site makes it possible for me to do just that. Here is the link to it: Mirdza's Coach Site


If you already exercise for 30 minutes a day, awesome!! Keep going. If you want access to other videos you can do at home, you can get the membership, but if you don't want to that is cool too. Just keep exercising. I would like to ask that you at least pass on this blog site to others who may want to use the BeachBody programs, though; just give them the ability to decide whether they want to get the membership or not. Every person I can help matters a whole lot, and if you help me out by simply passing on this blog post, which has my coach site link, I would really appreciate it. 


Keep making 30 minutes of exercise a DAILY habit! It doesn't matter how old you are... exercise in a wonderful habit to create and maintain until the day we die



I have seen the need to help others create the habit of exercising daily for just 30 minutes, and so God opened the door for me to be a Team BeachBody coach once again, even while continuing to be a leader on her journey towards top rank in Young Living. This is not a conflict of interest; please allow me to explain why. I would also give a little background as to why I wanted to be a TBB coach.


Back in 2007, I became a coach in BeachBody because I wanted to help people get fit, just as I had been able to get fit. A couple years down the road, the coach with whom I had signed up quit, and I pretty much lost my way. However, I did NOT lose my passion for the programs the company offered because they truly simplified my habit of exercising daily. They had so many programs to choose from, and so I kept exercising with them. 


A couple years ago I signed up with a yearly membership they came out with called "BeachBody On Demand". I fell in love with it right away and locked in the price of $99 a year, meaning it is less than $10 a month to have access to ALL their programs, so I can pick and choose what I want to do each day. Sometimes I work on a program "as written" for 60-90 days, and other times I simply do a few routines from one and some from another. However, my daily habit of exercising continues, and that is the point I am trying to make here. BeachBody simplifies the habit for me, and so I want to help others do the same, whether they choose to become a "BeachBody On Demand" member or not. I simply want one thing: to help each person that signs up with Beachbody, wanting me as their coach, to develop the habit of exercising 30 minutes a day. That's it! 


My plan, my goal, is NOT to train other people to be coaches and do what I do - help others develop the habit of exercising daily. The journey of training confident leaders to duplicate my actions is in Young Living, not in BeachBody. That is why it's NOT a conflict of interest for me to be a TBB fitness coach in addition to being a Young Living leader on the journey to Royal Crown Diamond. As my TBB coach said to me yesterday, I simply need to create a "customer base", and have only "one leg", not two, since when I have 2 people building a business, doing what I do, I become an "Emerald Coach" and then I would need to choose to either leave my BeachBody coaching work, or leave Young Living, and I do not want to do either of those two things.


That said, if your goal is to develop and maintain the habit of exercising daily, I'd like to help you. Please visit my BeachBody coach site and sign up quickly from there. Here is the link to it: TBB coach site 

At some point in our life we need ask ourselves the question - do we want to simply continue to manage the symptoms of our illness/disease or do we actually be completely healed of it? 


If we answer that we just want to manage the symptoms so that we can live from day to day, the pharmaceutical companies will be happy to oblige. They will keep you on a faithful customer and continue to offer you the chance to get their drugs that have a multitude of bad side-effects, some which they don't even yet know of because it hadn't been tested long-term on a human being yet. It could be that perhaps later down the road they take it off the market because too many people died from it or had other bad effects, but that is not going to stop them from offering it to those who are happy to comply - believing what they say: "the benefits outweigh the risks". Really?? Do they??? In the long run, they don't have to live with those side-effects and they could care less whether we live or die; they just want us to continue to pay them for the drugs. They will even let us know that the health insurance company will cover most of the cost of those drugs - but who gets to pay the high price of the premiums? We do, out of pocket or out of every paycheck. If we are on Medical, guess who pays for that? Our taxes. In the long run, we actually are paying for those high-cost drugs in one way or another. And if all we want to do is "manage symptoms", once one drug has side-effects they will put us on another drug that will help manage those symptoms, and then on another. They may keep us alive, but at what cost? Are we becoming the "living dead" that can barely even survive from day to day, but since we are "managing our symptoms" well, we think we are okay and we are thankful for those who are giving us these drugs? Is this really the way we want to live?


If you answer no to that last question, please know that there IS a better way... we don't have to simply manage our symptoms until the day we die. We can actually completely reverse most diseases out there because most are simply illnesses that can be prevented and even cured with LIFESTYLE CHANGES. 


Yes, it's going to take some effort on our part to heal, but wouldn't it be much better to THRIVE the rest of our days, instead of merely surviving from day to day? This new lifestyle is worth the price we pay, not simply monetarily but also emotionally. If you are consistent and become disciplined enough to maintain this new lifestyle over the years, even though many will want to get you to quit and get back to your old habits, you will be thankful that you did and you may even desire to share your story to give them hope as well. 


What lifestyle changes am I talking about? It depends on each person, of course. However, usually major changes need to happen in the way we eat, our exercise patterns, our sleep habits, our stress management, and, an area that few think about but that is majorly impotant, a change in the products we curently use on ourselves and to clean our home. 


Are you ready to stop managing symptoms and start healing disease once and for all so that you can THRIVE the rest of your days? If so, then ditch the things that are causing some major harm in your body currently and take on habits that enhance your health. Start your healthy lifestyle TODAY - don't keep putting it off until some future day because 10 years from now you will still be managing symptoms and your health will have spiraled down even more.