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"A scout is loyal" is the next thing we find in the scout law. As exemplary leaders, we must also uphold LOYALTY to the company we represent, to our leaders, and to our commitments and responsibilities. A synonym of "loyal" is "faithfulness", so to be loyal means we faithfully follow our journey to top rank in the company, staying loyal to the company we reprensent because we know through education and experience that the products they offer enhance our life. Please keep in mind that we must never be loyal to a company that has no integrity; one that offers us products that are not of superb quality. We must choose the company we represent properly so that we have no problem whatsoever staying loyal to purchasing their products and inviting others to follow the same path as we chose. 


In the company I represent - Young Living - there is even an essential oil blend called "LOYALTY"! I think that is really cool because it shows they uphold loyalty. A 5 ml bottle of this oil is sent to us as a gift; it cannot be simply purchased at any time. The company will send it to us yearly for being loyal to our commitment to stay on the Essential Rewards Program, their autoship program. 


Strive to be loyal not only in your commitments to your leaders and the company you choose to represent in the network marketing industry, but also in every day life. An exemplary leader is loyal regardless of where they are. 

Let's start with the Scout Law - the 12 characteristics that a Scout should have, the principles he should live by, as he follows the path to being an Eagle Scout, the top and most honorable rank to achieve in this program. The first one we look at is "A Scout is Trustworthy". Just as a Scout leader must be TRUSTWORTHY, so we must be as well if we want to be exemplary leaders. We don't automatically become trustworthy when we achieve the top rank; it is something we need to work on as we journey on, without every quitting the path when it gets challenging.


What is a TRUSTWORTHY person like? Well, as the word says, this person can be trusted to do what he or she says he will do. When you ask this person to do something, you know that they will do it, regardless of what is happening around them and regardless of how long it will take to do it or how challenging it may be. All doubt is dispeled - when we say we are going to do something, people can rest assured that we will do so. 


So, work on doing exactly what you say you are going to do. Don't go back on your word. If you say you will do it, do it. If you know you won't be able to do it, then don't take on the responsibility; if you do take it on , you are expected to do it, and if you do not, you are not going to be seen as "trustworthy". Be a person everyone can count on! An exemplary leader is TRUSTWORTHY

As I witnessed the Eagle Scout ceremony for one of the scouts that we had recruited 10-12 years ago into pack 167, I couldn't help but realize how similar the path to become an Eagle Scout was to the path we must pursue on our journey towards the top rank in Young Living, which is called "Royal Crown Diamond". The Scouting program has been around for over 100 years so it is much better known and upheld currently by society because so many leaders have come out of this training, whereas the network marketing leadership training only has a little over 50 years of existence. In addition to that, many "bad companies" have arisen trying to market products of very low quality via this model of business, which has given this industry a very bad name, thereby creating a desire to shun all those that see the benefits of the network marketing style of doing business. 


It is time to rise up and help others see the amazing benefits of the network marketing profession. It's time to let go of the fear of rejection, educate ourselves on the benefits of this style of business, and share with others about it, inviting them to do the same. It's time to become EXEMPLARY CONFIDENT LEADERS in the network marketing industry, taking on the leadership qualities of a Scout that has his eyes set on becoming an Eagle Scout, a position that is very honorable in the eyes of society, and yet this Scout needs to be accept this position/rank with humility as he takes it on since it's all about service and leading others by example. 


Throughout the next few weeks, I will be blogging daily about the 12 character traits of a Boy Scout, and will talk about why it's important for exemplary network marketing leaders to exhibit these same traits. I will also higlight sections in the Scout Oath and Scout Law so  you can see why we, as leaders, should also uphold this same oath and law in our daily lives. Stay tuned!  


I want to introduce you to an awesome inspirational leader I met in a company called BeachBody, the company that offers the P90X and many other great fitness programs so we can exercise at home. Her name is B'neika McCleary. 


B'neika's has a gorgeous, confident smile in almost every single post I see of her on in Instagram.  Almost every day she also posts videos there of her workouts, but they are in a way that she is actually is showing us how to go about doing the movements.... the modified version, as well as the regular one. She always gives us bits and pieces of her life and she holds nothing back. What we see is the real deal. On her journey, she has become a CONFIDENT LEADER.


In her own words, this is a short bio of her so you can get to know her and perhaps identify with her if you have been struggling with your weight and/or you are a single mom:


"I’m a mom of 4 amazing beautiful wonderful children. Ages 20,15,10, and 6. I thought by having them spread out it would allow me to have more time with them individually and make parenting easier, however I was given a plot twist all four are special needs. So there goes the easy parenting lol.

I started my journey at 328lbs. This weight was put on for being in a marriage with a man that never actually loved me. There were years and years of cheating and instead of leaving I ate my emotions. I thought he needed to grow a little since we had been together since I was 15 he was 18. However the older we go the worse it got. Even though I was getting bigger I didn’t really care about who I was or my weight. I lost 100lbs once and was still cheated on so I had this mentality that trying was a waste of time. It wasn’t until I embarrassed my children at sea world because I was to big to get on the rides that I knew something had to change. And no it wasn’t an instant aha moment cause right after the guy told me no I ate 2 hotdogs and a giant Slurpee.

Later that year I came in contact with a coach from BeachBody. I was the daycare lady at a fitness facility. Her workouts were something I never thought I would personally do but yet I was very intrigued and wanted to know what it was she did. I had seen the "Hip Hop Abs" program on tv and had thought I needed that in my life. When I realized that she could give me the goods, I saved up and purchased a kit they offered the Hip Hop Abs fitness program as well as the company's meal replacement shake.  Man, I was instantly in love with Shaun T, the trainer in the program!! He made me smile and feel good. I wanted to make others feel the same way so I decided to become a BeachBody coach.


Over the last 5 years, I have dedicated myself to helping women love and find themselves. During this time, I separated from my kids' father, dealt with issues from that situation, lost loved ones, lost my home and had to move back in with my kids' father, and live in the same house and him, though we were legally separated. I have come to the conclusion, though, that no matter what has happened, that need to love myself and share with women the POWER of Self-love has become greater and greater.


After losing a total of 130lbs and realizing I am worth more than the situation I was put in, I am now living my life unapologetically. I’m no longer depressed, I no longer eat behind a dumpster to hide my shame of being a binge eater, I no longer allow food to control my everything, I am no longer pre-diabetic, I no longer allow an insecure selfish man to make me feel worthless, I am no longer the world's best couch potato , and I no longer hate myself."


I can totally tell that B'neika has definitely become a CONFIDENT LEADER that can help other women learn to love and find themselves. She passionately shares on Instagram and Facebook the power of self-love, as she shared in her bio she wanted to do. 


If you are on Instagram, you can find B'neika's inspiring posts at onceuponasquat_official. If you are on Facebook, click on this link to get to her page:





I'm incredibly grateful for leaders that inspire me to keep going, which is why I started this section on my family website. I'd like to start with Adam and Vanessa Green, a couple from Canada who now have a baby boy they can raise together at home because they have a successful network marketing business with Young Living.


Adam Green was not interested in building a network marketing business even though his mom, Carla Green, had been on this path since he was a child. He decided he just wanted to be a fitness coach at a gym. One day he realized the amazing potential and freedom a career in network marketing would be if he partnered with Young Living and he began his journey with passion. Within a few years, he became the youngest Crown Diamond in this company - at age 24! He went on to marry the girl of his dreams - Vanessa Williams - and they soon after had their son William. 


This couple is actively showing people online and offline how to build a successful business so that other families can enjoy the FREEDOM they currently enjoy. How amazing is it that both parents get to stay home to raise their child and be there to see his first milestones and all the rest to come? They are truly exemplary in every way and a true leadership example to everyone desiring a lifestyle that is filled with joy, love, and peace, instead of the stressful days and nights that the majority of us live. 


You can follow them on Instagram (where I got this picture). Adam is at Adam.Green and his wife Vanessa is at VanessaEvelynGreen. Be inspired by each post they put up there showcasing the amazing lifestyle we could all experience if we get out of our poverty mentality and fear of the unknown. 

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