Confident Leadership

An Exemplary Leader is Cheerful

Next up we find that a scout is cheerful. What does this mean? According to the scout handbook, being cheerful means the following: "A Scout looks for the bright side of life. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy."


As exemplary leaders we must also look at the bright side of life and cheerfully do the tasks that come our way. As far as making others happy, that DOES NOT mean that we strive to please everyone; it doesn't mean we run around like a chicken without a head trying to assist everyone. It means that when we see someone in need, we cheerfuly do what we can to help him so he will feel happy and peaceful. 


Strive to be cheerful every day, regardless of your current situation, and truly enjoy what you do. Negativity does not help anyone and it actually helps destroy others emotionally. Cheerfully do whatever you can to make someone else feel happy and peaceful, but never run around like a mad person trying to please everyone or you will run out of energy and feel stressed out. 

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27.07 | 11:51

So many great points here! And yes I love that this can be a vehicle to create time freedom ultimately allowing us to spend even more time with our creator.

25.07 | 06:58

Thank you for your comment on this post, Mary! Yes, when we seek Jesus and His Kingdom first, everything else lines up and we get to live peacefully.

24.07 | 16:37

I love how you cut away the fluff and busyness that we allow to distract us from the one who created us. If we seek Jesus first everything else lines up & flows

17.06 | 15:48

Yes, I agree

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