Confident Leadership

An Exemplary Leader is Courteous

"A scout is courteous". In the same way, to be exemplary leaders we must be courteous. Another word for this is "respectful".  Let's dig in a bit to see what that means.


To be courteous means that that we respect everyone, regardless of who they are, what education level they have, what age they are, or how much money they have. We don't only respect our leaders and those older than us, but we must always remember that EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect regardless of who they are. To show respect means that we listen to what they say without judging them. We greet them in a friendly and loving manner and show them that they matter in this world where so little respect to shown. 


So, think about it for a moment. Are you respectful to everyone at all times? If not, it's time to change that attitude. An expemplary leader is ALWAYS courteous and respectful of every man, woman and child regardless of their background or current status. 

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21.09 | 09:50

This is very true. That is my one desire and goal as well, to please Him and bring Him glory, way less of me and so much more of Him.

17.02 | 09:06

You’re so welcome! Thank you for leaving a comment to let me know the article was helpful to you

15.02 | 14:00

Thank you very helpful

21.01 | 07:07

Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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