Confident Leadership

An Exemplary Leader is Loyal

"A scout is loyal" is the next thing we find in the scout law. As exemplary leaders, we must also uphold LOYALTY to the company we represent, to our leaders, and to our commitments and responsibilities. A synonym of "loyal" is "faithfulness", so to be loyal means we faithfully follow our journey to top rank in the company, staying loyal to the company we reprensent because we know through education and experience that the products they offer enhance our life. Please keep in mind that we must never be loyal to a company that has no integrity; one that offers us products that are not of superb quality. We must choose the company we represent properly so that we have no problem whatsoever staying loyal to purchasing their products and inviting others to follow the same path as we chose. 


In the company I represent - Young Living - there is even an essential oil blend called "LOYALTY"! I think that is really cool because it shows they uphold loyalty. A 5 ml bottle of this oil is sent to us as a gift; it cannot be simply purchased at any time. The company will send it to us yearly for being loyal to our commitment to stay on the Essential Rewards Program, their autoship program. 


Strive to be loyal not only in your commitments to your leaders and the company you choose to represent in the network marketing industry, but also in every day life. An exemplary leader is loyal regardless of where they are. 

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Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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