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Meet Adam and Vanessa Green

I'm incredibly grateful for leaders that inspire me to keep going, which is why I started this section on my family website. I'd like to start with Adam and Vanessa Green, a couple from Canada who now have a baby boy they can raise together at home because they have a successful network marketing business with Young Living.


Adam Green was not interested in building a network marketing business even though his mom, Carla Green, had been on this path since he was a child. He decided he just wanted to be a fitness coach at a gym. One day he realized the amazing potential and freedom a career in network marketing would be if he partnered with Young Living and he began his journey with passion. Within a few years, he became the youngest Crown Diamond in this company - at age 24! He went on to marry the girl of his dreams - Vanessa Williams - and they soon after had their son William. 


This couple is actively showing people online and offline how to build a successful business so that other families can enjoy the FREEDOM they currently enjoy. How amazing is it that both parents get to stay home to raise their child and be there to see his first milestones and all the rest to come? They are truly exemplary in every way and a true leadership example to everyone desiring a lifestyle that is filled with joy, love, and peace, instead of the stressful days and nights that the majority of us live. 


You can follow them on Instagram (where I got this picture). Adam is at Adam.Green and his wife Vanessa is at VanessaEvelynGreen. Be inspired by each post they put up there showcasing the amazing lifestyle we could all experience if we get out of our poverty mentality and fear of the unknown. 

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