Confident Leadership

The last trait mentioned in the scout law is reverence. It states "A scout is reverent". This means that he is reverent towards God, faithful to his religious duties, and respectful towards people that have other beliefs.


An exemplary leader must also be reverent towards God, as well as respectful towards what others believe. Personally, I have come to realize that acknowledging God's control over the business is a much better way of doing things. A lot more peaceful! He is much wiser than I am and so His way of doing things is the most excellent way, therefore I must be reverent towards Him and follow His plan, without quitting along the way. It's also important to allow others to believe the way they do, respecting them and loving them all the same. Afterall, it's not what we do that matters in the end, it's about what God can do through us, whether we acknowledge that fact or decide to take all the credit ourselves. Acknowledging that there is a being that is higher and wiser than us "mere mortals" and being reverent towards Him is something that is very important, I do believe.


So, as an exemplary leader, learn to be reverent towards God, and also be respectful, loving, and caring towards those who do not have the same beliefs as you do. 


Cleanliness is the next trait we will talk about. "A Scout is clean" it states in the scout law. This means that he strives his body and mind clean, and also strives to keep his home and community clean by doing his part. 


An exemplary leader must also strive for cleanliness. If we have teenagers. we will know that it's hard work to get them to keep their rooms clean, let alone clean up the rest of the house. However, this is a skill that is important for them to learn and maintain. It's a life skill. It's important that they take showers and put on deodorant and and keep their hair nice. It's also important that they keep their personal space clean - that includes their rooms and their bathrooms.


If we want our teenagers to be clean, we must set an example, though! Make the time to not only keep your body and mind clean, but strive to keep your home clean. It's easier to work if our place is clean. Don't strive for perfection, though! We don't have to waste time trying to keep the house perfectly clean at all times. However, do have a day or two in the week when you focus an hour or two to simply clean your home, and every day clean off the mess on the counters, desks, stovetop, etc and wash the dishes. It's not that hard and you will feel better working in a clean environment.


We must lead by example, so strive to be clean and keep your home and community clean. Just do your part, but never waste your time trying to be perfect. Not necessary, and less stressful to live this way!~ 

Day 10 of our series! Whew! I hope you've seen so far how very much the scout's path to Eagle resembles the the path taken by an exemplary leader in the network marketing profession. These are all traits we must embrace in our own life. Today's theme: BRAVERY. "A Scout is Brave", it states in the Boy Scout Law.


Being brave means we courageously set out to do something even though we are very afraid of doing it, and we don't back down until it is completed. The true excitement isn't in the 'ordinary' path, though we certainly are welcome to choose that one. Think about a time when you courageously did something fun - like maybe rode a huge roller coaster or went extreme (or even regular) ziplining, like my famiy and I just did this summer in Mazatlan. How did you feel when you did it? Or did you back down at the last minute? Going all the way is where we really can feel that the world did not come to an end when we were courageous enough to do it. In fact, we felt the thrill that we would not have felt if at the last moment we backed out of it. 


Being brave also means to stand up for what we believe in even though the world around us may laugh at us and call us crazy, and maybe even mock us when they see us. Being brave means continuing the journey to the top rank in the company with which we chose to partner, regardless of well-meaning people that do not support our efforts because they think we making a terrible mistake with our life. Being brave means we continue our journey even though the haters come out and continually say mean things about us , online or offline, and every chance they get, they insert something directed towards us that make us cringe and take a deep breath before we can keep going. 


Learn to be brave, my friend! The excitement comes when you do not back down from what you said you were going to do, which is to reach the top rank. Be brave and show the world around you how what they say does not matter as much as what you know is the right path for you to take. God is with you every step of the way, so persevere on the path of blessing; many brave leaders have reached the top before us and the life they now experience is breathtaking. It's a life attainable by us too, but we need to BE BRAVE and persevere on the journey, regardless of how long it may take. 


Moving on to Day 9 of our series, we find that "a scout is THRIFTY". How does that apply to us as exemplary leaders in the network marketing industry? 


Let's take a look of the definition of "THRIFTY". According to an online dictionary, it is defined as a person who uses money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. That is precisely what we need to do! We must strive to use money, time and other resources in a way that is not wasteful. Time and money management, as well as taking care of the resources on earth, is of vital importance. How can you improve in this area?


Be a person who is thrifty at all times. Learn to use your money, time, and all other resources in a way that benefits us, others, and the world we live in. Strive not to be wasteful; and if you currently are in any area, take a step back and correct that. 

Next up we find that a scout is cheerful. What does this mean? According to the scout handbook, being cheerful means the following: "A Scout looks for the bright side of life. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy."


As exemplary leaders we must also look at the bright side of life and cheerfully do the tasks that come our way. As far as making others happy, that DOES NOT mean that we strive to please everyone; it doesn't mean we run around like a chicken without a head trying to assist everyone. It means that when we see someone in need, we cheerfuly do what we can to help him so he will feel happy and peaceful. 


Strive to be cheerful every day, regardless of your current situation, and truly enjoy what you do. Negativity does not help anyone and it actually helps destroy others emotionally. Cheerfully do whatever you can to make someone else feel happy and peaceful, but never run around like a mad person trying to please everyone or you will run out of energy and feel stressed out. 

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This should be EVERY Believer’s goal in life. It all belong to Him, however, He has entrusted it to us. We should be about our Father’s Business!

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You’re welcome! Thank you for checking out the post. May God bless you. Are you a leader waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled in your life?

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