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Knotts has been closed down since the end of March, due to COVID, so Emmanuel has been at home, collecting Unemployment from the state. He has applied for work in a few places, and been called for interviews, but has not been selected. 

And so, Emmanuel just continues life at home. He has been taking several classes from Held2Gether, but they have been meeting via Zoom instead of on campus. He loves those classes, learning more and more in the trade he enjoy: comedy and improv. He has been able to participate in several comedy shows at the end of the 6 week sessions so he can get better at his performing skills. They have had to do that via Zoom, and uploading to the Held2Gether YouTube channel. 

The last thing I want to mention in this update is that Emmanuel just premiered  his first comedy series on Facebook and YouTube! It is called "News for Yous", inspired by SNL, where he takes current news and adds a comical twist to it. The first one he did was excellent! He has been working on is writing jokes every day, like Jerry Seinfeld used to do. He has books he bought that help him learn how to write better; he even has a set time to read the books and to write every day! I'm very proud of him. His dream is to be a famous comedian one day, either performing live on stage, or doing his own series on Facebook and YouTube. He may also look into writing for late night shows. We shall see what God has in store for him in his future, but I can see he is following the path he has laid out for him - in the entertainment world, helping us to laugh, lighten up, and not take life so seriously. 

Emmanuel continues to happily work at Knotts Berry Farm in the Entertainment Department. His schedule changes from week to week, but he can always ask in advance for time off, when necessary. He really enjoys working this way because there's a lot of flexibility, plus he has made so many friends over there! I'm so glad he was able to get the week off to go on our anuual family vacation this year - a cruise down the Mexican Riviera for seven days on the Carnival Splendor.


He loves hanging out at the Knotts amusement park with his friends even when he is not working. Every year he looks forward to the "GhostTown Alive" event in the park, which goes from Memorial Day to Labor Day. He hopes to one day work as one of the actors in this event, and so he continues to audition for it every year, and will not give up until he gets this position. For now, though, he just enjoys hanging out and being one of the actors on a "volunteer" basis - they all have loved his enthusiasm since he spent his summer days there when he was 16. They always make him feel special. 


Emmanuel auditioned for "Scary Farm" and will be a monster once again in one of the new mazes this year, so he is looking forward to that in the fall. His improv and acting skills are improving every year, and the "perseverance" skill is becoming more and more part of his life and he continues to audition for many different acting positions. He also continues his education by taking improv classes from time to time, six weeks per session, through a place called Held2Gether, where he also has made several friends. 


He turned 20 at the beginning of this month, so is now saving up to get a car since the plan is for him to move out within the year that he turns 21. It's a scary thought for him to be living independently from us, but at the same time is excited about it. He knows it's all part of growing up, and so he's cultivating the financial and emotional skills to do so successfully. 



Well, it happened! Emmanuel got hired during the  Halloween season at Knotts Scary Farm and he worked there for six weeks in a maze. He worked mostly Thursday thru Sunday, from 6:30 p.m until 1 or 2 a.m but the final week, he worked 6 days in a row.... Thursday thru Tuesday, ending Halloween day. He sometimes didn't get home until almost 3 a.m, but he certainly loved working there. And he had a blast with his coworkers too! 

When went to pick up his last paycheck, he was given the good news that he would be rehired next year! He loves working at Knotts.... He will try to work there in the summertime in Ghost Town Live, so we shall see how that goes. Meantime, he will relax and enjoy being home and going to bed before midnight. He will continue to play his guitar and ukulele and sing; in January he plans to enroll in Level 2 Improv class. 

In January of 2017, after spending a month in Colombia, Emmanuel got his high school diploma, which I ordered through the mail. He chose to have a small gathering with a short ceremony with a few family members (my brother and his family, as well as my husband's sister Karen and her husband Aaron), and several of his friends. We had a short 5-minute ceremony at the beginning, where I gave him his diploma, and then we ate. Emmanuel was in charge of the entertainment. 


What's next? He took two 6-week long improv classes, and I purchased an online program for him created by the famous actor, Steve Martin. He continues to practice his music and he spends a lot of time at Knott's Berry Farm, where he hopes to work one day. He has applied for jobs there, but nothing has opened yet. He hopes to get a position as an actor in the GhostTown Live events in the summer and Christmas seasons. His major goal: entertain people with music and comedy. He doesn't simply want a "boring job". More power to Him! God will lead the way.

Well, Emmanuel is back home again. After two years in public highschool, he said goodbye to the system last October and was back for the rest of his 11th year. He took on learning guitar and ukalele on his own during the school year. In the summer he took a one-week film class in L.A through the New York Film Academy. Now, school has started once again and he has one more class to finish this semester: U.S government. Other than that, he will concentrate on his music and wants to take a film class, acting class, and maybe stand-up comedy class in a college starting next semester. He will  continue to learn through experience what it takes to build a network marketing busisness through Young Living, a business he can build around his day to day activities, which gives him a lot of flexibility.



Emmanuel will travel to Colombia in November for almost a month. He will spend most of his time in the city where I enjoyed the best years of my childhood: Bucaramanga. He will attend my best-childhood-friend's nephew's highschool graduation and spend time doing fun things with them, while learning Spanish. He will write a paper on his Colombia adventure upon his return in the middle of December, and then he will graduate at the end of December, in the week between Christmas and New Year (that is the plan).

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This is very true. That is my one desire and goal as well, to please Him and bring Him glory, way less of me and so much more of Him.

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