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Ziedite continues to love her life. She is growing up into a confident young lady! She will be turning 12 this September already! This summer she has taken up her first dance class with boys - a swing class - and she loves it; she may continue dancing in the fall.


In September she starts 7th grade; she will continue homeschooling through the Community Homeschool Education Program (CHEP). We will be "doing the books" at home, just like we did fhis past year, and she will be in the 7th-8th grade club and the yearbook group in CHEP on Wednesdays. She will also be joining the youth choir at church on Tuesdays nights. 

Ziedite spends a lot of time playing with her friends in our condo area. She is quite the social little girl. She is out every afternoon playing until late in the evening on most days. 


She wanted to earn some money so put out an ad to walk dogs. She only got one taker. However, since a neighbor knew she loved dogs, she was offered an even better "job" for a week: to take care of a 10-year old dog named Tara. She simply has to go play with her and give her a walk every day, and make sure she feeds her and gives her water every evening. She is very responsible with this job and does it every day without having to be reminded. 


Ziedite is in Girls 3 in Kidnastics, the highest level. This is her last month in the program. In September she joins the American Heritage Girls progam, "the premier national character development organization for young women that embraces Christian values and encourages family involvement." We will  be going every Monday evening for a couple of hours. 


As far as schooling goes, she is still homeschoooled. She is enrolled in CHEP, a state-run program for kids that want to do the majority of the work at home. She goes in only on Thursdays for the "5th and 6th grade Club" where they learn some fun things together in different subjects; she loves that club since she enjoys getting together with other kids. She will still be taking violin and choir classes through the OCMA on Wednesdays; Tuesday evenings she will continue to be in the kids' choir at church. 

I love mommy. I love daddy. I love Emmanuel. I love Dana. I love Dylan.


I love my family.

I love my friends.

I love food.

I love water.

I love my bed.

I love my cat.

I love my dog.

I love clothes.

I love shoes.

I love T.V.

I love the sun.

I love grass.

But most of all, I love my 


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You’re welcome! Thank you for checking out the post. May God bless you. Are you a leader waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled in your life?

04.06 | 22:42

This is so true.
I like so much.

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Yes, He sure did. 😘

02.05 | 15:33

This is very true. Christ came to give us life and life more abundantly.