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A few weeks before finishing her senior year in high school, Ziedite started working at a Dennys near our house. She enjoyed being a hostess there for a few months, but ended up discouraged and disappointed when so many of the customers would yell at her for no reason. She opted to quit a few weeks before her 18th birthday, in September, and decided to not work anymore in the food industry. 

She took a couple months off to just relax, and then started job hunting again. At the end of December, she was granted a job at Home Depot and training began the last week of 2021. She is now happily working the afternoon shift in the Returns Department of a Home Depot not too far from our house. She drives herself to and from work in the car she got for her birthday. 😀

Ziedite started her senior year at  Rancho Alamitos high school at the end of August this year. She is doing her school work and classes from home since COVID-19 is still rampant. She may start up going on campus a few days a week again either in December or in January. The district is starting to open up schools slowly, but high schools are the last to transition back to campus. 


She hopes to be able to get back into Track this year in February, doing long jump, triple jump and high jump, but we shall see if that can actually happen. What she most desires, though, is to have an actual graduation in June, unlike what seniors last year had. 

She turned 17 in September and has a steady boyfriend. His name is on the necklace she is wearing in the picture - David. They get along very well; they are best friends. 

As summer winds down, Ziedite begins her Junior year in Rancho Alamitos High School, a public school near our house. She took Algebra 1 in summer school this year and got a B in the class, so Dana and I are very proud of her. 


After her six weeks of summer school ended, she went on a 4-day trip down to Mexico with her friend Marisol and her family. A few days after she returned, we took off on our annual family vacation - a cruise down the Mexican Riviera on the Carnival Splendor ship for seven days. When we got back, it was time to register her for school, and in a couple days she will start her classes. She will no longer be a cheer leader, but she may be joining the Track team again once it starts up in the Winter. This first semester she will be simply focusing on her classes since she knows Junior year is extremely hard. 

Ziedite started 10th grade in the fall of 2018. She celebrated her quinceañera party at the end of September of that year (you can see pictures on my Facebook page; I created an album with pictures and videos of it).

She continues to be on the cheer team and they recently won first place at the Orange County school cheer competition. She also recently joined the track team, now that the cheer activities are over (except for practices) and decided to do the long jump and high jump; she is not into running long distances nor sprinting. An exciting new adventure for her that keeps her fit! 

After much thought and deliberation, it was decided that Ziedite would attend the high school near our house - Rancho Alamitos. Her neighborhood friend encouraged her to try out for Cheer and she made it! She has loved cheering and became a flyer soon after the year began. Football season is now over, but she will be cheering for basketball season, whenever that starts up. 

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