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As summer winds down, Ziedite begins her Junior year in Rancho Alamitos High School, a public school near our house. She took Algebra 1 in summer school this year and got a B in the class, so Dana and I are very proud of her. 


After her six weeks of summer school ended, she went on a 4-day trip down to Mexico with her friend Marisol and her family. A few days after she returned, we took off on our annual family vacation - a cruise down the Mexican Riviera on the Carnival Splendor ship for seven days. When we got back, it was time to register her for school, and in a couple days she will start her classes. She will no longer be a cheer leader, but she may be joining the Track team again once it starts up in the Winter. This first semester she will be simply focusing on her classes since she knows Junior year is extremely hard. 

Ziedite started 10th grade in the fall of 2018. She celebrated her quinceañera party at the end of September of that year (you can see pictures on my Facebook page; I created an album with pictures and videos of it).

She continues to be on the cheer team and they recently won first place at the Orange County school cheer competition. She also recently joined the track team, now that the cheer activities are over (except for practices) and decided to do the long jump and high jump; she is not into running long distances nor sprinting. An exciting new adventure for her that keeps her fit! 

After much thought and deliberation, it was decided that Ziedite would attend the high school near our house - Rancho Alamitos. Her neighborhood friend encouraged her to try out for Cheer and she made it! She has loved cheering and became a flyer soon after the year began. Football season is now over, but she will be cheering for basketball season, whenever that starts up. 

On June 1st of this year (2017), Ziedite, who is now exactly 5 feet tall, was promoted to high school. The homeschooling program we had been using for last three years, CHEP, had a beautiful promotion ceremony for her and in the fall she will be starting high school.


What will she do next since she can't continue the CHEP program? She went back and foth staying homeschooled or going to Rancho Alamitos High School, and she chose the latter. We had to get her vaccinated in order to attend, so that was quite an ordeal since I stopped vaccinating her when she was 2 and a half. After realizing that California no longer offers religious and personal belief exemptions and that getting medical exemption is extremely hard (though we did try!), she ended up having to get 5 required shots; definitely not the "recommended" ones. Her immune system was depressed for a while, but thankfully we know now what to do to help her body restrengthen: detox with the help of essential oils, lots of water and cut way down on sugar intake for a while.


Keep us in your prayers as we transition into Ziedite's high school years. 

Another homeschool year has started in the Hayden household. Ziedite continues to be enrolled through the state homeschooling program called CHEP, just like last year. She will be taking several classes through them this time around and will attend a graduation ceremony at the end of the school year. She loves it there since she has made many friends and her hours continue to be flexible.


In addition to school classes, Ziedite, is enrolled in choir, sewing and stretch classes through CHEP. She will also continue her tumbling classes at Kidnastics and has just added on a Ballet class at J.E.M.S. Her time will not be as flexible next year when she goes to Rancho Alamitos high school, so she will enjoy this last year of homeschooling. Who knows, though.... She may come back after a year or two at public school, just like Emmanuel did. Her future is in God's hands, and whatever He thinks is best for her will happen. 

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27.07 | 11:51

So many great points here! And yes I love that this can be a vehicle to create time freedom ultimately allowing us to spend even more time with our creator.

25.07 | 06:58

Thank you for your comment on this post, Mary! Yes, when we seek Jesus and His Kingdom first, everything else lines up and we get to live peacefully.

24.07 | 16:37

I love how you cut away the fluff and busyness that we allow to distract us from the one who created us. If we seek Jesus first everything else lines up & flows

17.06 | 15:48

Yes, I agree