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Are you listening? Or are you too busy being focused on the problem, allowing emotions to control you, trying to solve it in your own in a more complicated way?


Too many times we go through our day focused on our problems and challenges. We allow our emotions to control us and every single little thing that doesn't go as we planned will set off a bomb inside us. We start yelling and getting upset at everyone that is in our way, regardless of who this is - a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, our kids, our best friend, our pet, or a complete stranger. We need to stop doing this! It's not good for our health and we certainly cannot do what God desires us to do when we lack self-control. 


It's important that we learn to just FOLLOW GOD'S PLAN, the SIMPLE SOLUTION that He gives us even if we can't understand exactly how it will work. Think of a light switch. Think of how silly would it be if we waited to flip the switch on in the dark room until we understood exactly how it all works - how the electricity goes through a circuit in order to turn on the light bulb. Flipping a switch has worked for decades and so we need to trust that it will work again and light up the room we are in. Don't wait to understand how the plan God reveals to you directly or through another person will work. Just follow His plan of action and stop trying to do things your way. God's way is always best and is always SIMPLE. 


Take time to get still and listen to God's voice. Then, follow His simple plan of action.

I’m super grateful that God took me under His wing and led me on an incredible life-transforming journey. Through these last few years, He’s been my mentor and an amazing companion. He’s been teaching me how to properly care for my pets and my children. He’s mentored me on how to properly build a network marketing business and led me to the company He wished me to partner with; a company that is full of integrity and offers products we use every day, but are of much higher quality than those I used to purchase. He did this so that my family and I can be fit healthy and energetic to enjoy life, live joyfully and peacefully, and be fully equipped to teach others how they can do the same.

We don't need to STRIVE or get concerned about the people we are to help and lead. God will open the doors for us when the time is right. Our job is to continually allow HIM to properly equip us with all we need; He will bring about the people we are to lead when the time is right. 


One important thing to remember: we are NOT to rely on our own wisdom to lead them. God is who knows how each person needs to be led. We need to come to Him for heavenly wisdom for this great task. Never rely on your own. His ways are higher than our ways.


Never try to "make things happen". Simply let others know you are available and allow God to open the hearts of those who He wants us to guide and lead on their journey. Sometimes it will be right away that they respond; sometimes it will take months or even years. Just love people and leave them in God's hands. They may not respond to HIS calling right away. It's not for us to decide WHEN they are ready; if we start thinking this, we will get frustrated and give up on them. Leave them in God's capable hands and keep allowing Him to work in your life, transforming you into the leader He desires you to be - one that works with excellence at all times and lives a lifestyle of integrity, relying on God's GRACE when we mess up, which we do on a regular basis, if you are like me. 

1. Get enough sleep every night. Get to bed as close to sunset as possible so you are not in bright artificial lights for so long. 


2. When you wake up in the morning, apply a drop of Young Living's Joy essential oil blend on the crown of your head or behind your ears, and say the affirmation in the picture on this blog post. This is to remind yourself that GOD’S JOY can overflow in your heart throughout the day, regardless of your current circumstances. Trust in Him and let HIS peace and joy SHINE THROUGH you.


3. After applying Joy, drink a glassful of water. **Optional: to enhance it, prepare this ahead of time: in a glass pitcher, put in a couple drops of Lemon or Lime essential oil (no more than 2) and fill it with water. Chill and then pour in glass in the morning,  or pour a glassful and add ice so it's as cold as you desire it. 


4. Sometime during your morning routine do 20-30 minutes of yoga to expand your lungs and get you breathing deeply. I personally like to use a routine from BeachBody's "3-Week Yoga Retreat" or from "PiYo", but pick your favorite, or join a yoga class in a gym. Your choice, just do it. 


5. Eat healthy throughout the day. Never starve yourself! Cut way down on sugar and processed foods and consciously pick foods and beverages that are filled with nutrients; don't just fill up with empty calories. 


6. Drink some water every hour. Take a mini-break after every 50 minutes to an hour, drink your water and breathe deeply, exhaling any negative thoughts you may be having and inhaling God's power, joy, peace, and wisdom.  


7. Take an unwinding 30-minute walk in the evening. Let go of all your negative thoughts and thank God for your day. Think of all the blessings you experienced and leave all your concerns in His hands, asking for wisdom to handle any challenges HIS WAY, not yours. He knows how to best handle them. **Optional, apply a drop of Peace and Calming on the back of your neck, or any other essential oil that has a relaxing scent to you. One of my favorites is a blend called "Release" for it helps me remember to RELEASE it all into God's hands and release all negative emotions and feelings. 

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