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How I knew I was Walking in God's Purpose for my Life an...

“How do you know you are walking in God’s will in your life and business?”


That was the first topic that Krissy asked us to post about as a small group of us started a 6-day challenge a few months ago. I knew with 100% certainty, no doubt in my mind, that I’m on the journey God wants me to be on, in life and business, but how would I put that in words? I had to ask for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit to do that assignment. He is the One I go to when I lack the words to express myself, which is quite often. 


So here is what He inspired me to write.


In 2007, after exploring and ditching two other network marketing company opportunities, God asked me to become a business leader in Young Living. I was not too sure about that at all…. Soon after that, my love for essential oils began and got stronger and stronger every day. As I experienced first hand how they were helping me physically, emotionally and mentally, and saw how immensely beneficial they were for my kids and my husband, I wanted to learn more about them.


I started reading the book “Healing Oils of the Bible”, by David Stewart. The more I read it, the more I wanted to share all that I was learning with others. I could not believe I was never told about how these oils had been used for thousands of years! Why were they not taught about in the seminary my dad attended? Why was there not a class about them in the Bible college I attended for four years in Seattle? I came to the realization that it was a FORGOTTEN WORLD, and God was revealing this world to me after all these years; it was certainly fascinating! 


I wish I could say that everyone listened intently to what I said, but that was not the case. Some listened and were excited, but quickly lost interest, thinking I was simply trying to sell them something they did not need nor want. I did rise up to “Star” leadership rank quickly in Young Living  because God opened those doors for me to walk through. Interestingly, they were mostly the east coast, and a couple of them from the midwest. there was only one, actually two, from around where I lived. Those who joined as members were pretty much all people I had  never met before and who I met on social media. But then… the growth stopped, as far as the business went.  


As I reflect, I realize that the next decade was all about a season of learning to TRUST GOD fully; it was going to be a season of PERSONAL GROWTH. It was a time to learn to surrender everything and everyone to God. It was also going to be a time of tremendous trial; a season of wilderness and I had no clue how long it would last. 


Around 2009 or 2010, God placed on my heart a dream that was way bigger than anything I could ever accomplish on my own; a dream project that would bless so many people in several locations around the United States. It was to be called “The Blissful Haven”. I told my parents, who lived in Latvia at the time, that God had given me the most amazing dream and that I hoped that one day I could share it with them because it was so wonderful. That conversation ended up not being in God’s plan for me to do…. I never shared my dream with them before they were called to their eternal home. God knows the reason why that is, so it’s not a regret I have.


Trials, frustrations and challenges continued. Without getting into a lot of detail, suffice it to say that I was mocked and rejected a lot. As the journey got longer, I was almost constantly asking, no  yelling out, to God “WHY?? Why do you have me on this crazy long journey?”  I could not fathom why He wanted me to experience even more rejection when, since high school, I had experienced a ton of rejection and I was so tired of it. God revealed to me that I had wanted to be accepted by others so badly that I had been doing things that went against my values; the values He had instilled in my since I was born, and that this needed to stop. I needed discipline; I needed to learn that the ONLY one I needed to aim to please was HIM, not others - not followers on social media, not friends, not my parents, not my brothers nor any others in my extended family. 


In the midst of it all came a time of a lot emotional healing. There were so many scars and emotional wounds; feelings that had been buried inside of me for years. These had caused me to become a very angry and uncaring person. There was a lot of resentment and unforgiveness buried deep inside my heart that need to be uprooted. God needed to soften my heart towards Him so that I could be filled with His love and have it overflow to others. This process would evidently take years to complete! 


When I wondered why I needed to continue to wait to see the fulfillment of His promises in my life, He kept answering me - “Trust me.” He kept reminding me that His grace would be sufficient for me in order to persevere on the long journey. 


He reminded me that He had given me many essential oils to use to support my healing on every level - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I threw myself into learning more about them and experiencing them first hand, sharing my experiences with others, both in English and in Spanish. 


I loved my journey, but… my family and team mates kept asking me “when are you going to reach Diamond?” That question would frustrate me and cause me to doubt God’s promises and wonder why I had not been able to do so when I had been following His plan of action the entire time.


Again, God reminded me: “Trust me. My ways are higher than your ways.” My doubts subsided and my heart went back to experiencing that peace I enjoyed daily. But the question kept being raised… and I had no answer except that “God knew when my due season was going to be and I had to trust Him.” That did not satisfy them, and many left the team, but I had to trust God and leave them all in His trustworthy hands. Meanwhile, God kept providing for everything my family has needed. We have never had any financial distress. By God’s grace, my husband has always had work in the business he started on courageously on his own back in 2008. 


A few days ago I was asking God again about my journey as I took my evening walk with my dog. He patiently reminded me that great heroes in the Bible had long times of preparation and many trials as they waited - Abraham, David, and Joseph, to name a few. That set my heart at peace.


I knew that I was on God’s path for my life and that in the appointed time He WOULD make things happen and it would be in a way that would blow my mind and the mind of everyone on my team, as well as those in the group He asked me to start and lead (Journey to Royal Crown Diamond), and my family and friends. I trust Him! I know it’s not about “magic”; nothing is going to “magically” happen one day. It’s the fact that God will keep His promises to me and make things happen in my “due season”, following HIS timing, not mine. 


This truth remains: God can do ABUNDANTLY more than I could ever ask or imagine. His ways are way higher than mine so I just need to acknowledge Him in all my ways, not lean on my own feeble understanding of things, and keep doing whatever He asks me to do daily. In the end, it will all work out perfectly, as God planned it. It will be very easy for me to give Him ALL of the credit for what He did in the business He asked me to build with Young Living, as well as in my life as a whole. 



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