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Best Decision I Ever Made

Some of us may grow up in a Christian home, and even be missionary or pastor kids, but it's not until we commit to building a deep relationship with the Lord ourselves that our lives can truly change for the better. Life doesn't necessarily become 'easier' according to human standards, but it's certainly a lot more peaceful.


When I stopped looking to satisfy my own desires trying to find happiness that seemed so aloof, and I embarked on a lifetime journey of surrender to God and building a deep relationship with Him consistently, I started to live a life filled with purpose. My depression slowly faded away. A desire to understand everything that happened in my life was no longer a priority to me. I left my husband and marriage in God's hands, as well as my children and stepchildren. Their journey was going to be different than mine and I needed to surrender each of them to Him and simply focus on my own journey, aiming to please the Lord, not them. Their appreciation or scorn started to no longer affect me as much, and that is leading to a much more joyful and peaceful life now, for which I am very grateful.


The way I viewed the business God had opened the doors for me in 2007 changed as well. My only goal became to share Young Living, the network marketing company with which He had me partner, and never give up on any of the people He had placed under my wing, on my team (which He had me call the Joy-Givers Team). God was the One who brought them on to my team, into my care, and I simply needed to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle, let them know in many ways how Young Living's products can help them simplify their life, and allow them to make their own decisions as to what they wanted to do with what I shared, just continuing to be there for them, loving them every step of the way.    


My journey to Royal Crown Diamond, the top position in Young Living, was simply to be a metaphor of the Christian life:



~ God calls many, but few are chosen - only those who say "yes" and follow His direction without excuses.



~ Life is always going to be a series of tests which God uses to build our character, and we need to learn to submit to the testing knowing God would prepare us well for these times and will allow us to retake the test as many times as we need in order to pass with flying colors.


~ Only those who don't quit the journey along the way will receive the "crown of life" which God has prepared beforehand.


~ We are merely to sow seeds, and then leave the results to God. It's not about us feeling excitement and pride when others give us the credit or getting discouraged when we don't see the results we hoped to get at any given time. The credit must go only to God as we surrender to Him and simply follow His simple plan of action. He brings us the opportunities to share the message He desires us to share, and we simply must be diligent about taking these opportunities. He will give us he wisdom to know what to do and what to say in each case.


~ We don't need to worry about whether we will have enough money to pay for all the bills or get what we need, or take that desired vacation to rest and relax. God will provide for every single need we have if we simply follow HIS plan of action without doubting that He will do so, and being grateful every time that we see that He follows through with His promise, until gratitude and complete trust becomes second nature to us. 


CONCLUSION: Committing to build a deeper relationship with God by constantly being in conversation with Him regardless of what I'm doing, and by truly studying the Bible (not merely reading it from cover to cover), has truly been the best decision I've ever made. My parents taught me about God, but it wasn't until I was in my mid-40s that I truly surrendered every aspect of my life to God, and I truly can say that my life is a lot more peaceful and joyful, even in the midst of storms and challenges.


Will YOU make the decision to consistently build a relationship with God? It's a lifetime journey, not a one-time decision, but it's certainly very worth it! 

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