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God Gives Us SIMPLE Solutions

Are you listening? Or are you too busy being focused on the problem, allowing emotions to control you, trying to solve it in your own in a more complicated way?


Too many times we go through our day focused on our problems and challenges. We allow our emotions to control us and every single little thing that doesn't go as we planned will set off a bomb inside us. We start yelling and getting upset at everyone that is in our way, regardless of who this is - a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, our kids, our best friend, our pet, or a complete stranger. We need to stop doing this! It's not good for our health and we certainly cannot do what God desires us to do when we lack self-control. 


It's important that we learn to just FOLLOW GOD'S PLAN, the SIMPLE SOLUTION that He gives us even if we can't understand exactly how it will work. Think of a light switch. Think of how silly would it be if we waited to flip the switch on in the dark room until we understood exactly how it all works - how the electricity goes through a circuit in order to turn on the light bulb. Flipping a switch has worked for decades and so we need to trust that it will work again and light up the room we are in. Don't wait to understand how the plan God reveals to you directly or through another person will work. Just follow His plan of action and stop trying to do things your way. God's way is always best and is always SIMPLE. 


Take time to get still and listen to God's voice. Then, follow His simple plan of action.

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Thank you very helpful

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Yeah! That’s what being a business leader in Young Living is all about! Sharing these 10 healthy habits with others in any way we feel comfortable doing.

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