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The Most Peaceful Sleep Ever

The day had almost arrived for me to head to Germany for a year. I was 16 years old and had never been away from family for that long and now I was flying all across the ocean, from Bogotá, Colombia, to Bonn, Germany, where I would take a bus to the little town of Münster, where my estranged uncle would pick me up and take me to the boarding school. I was frightened! 


I didn't know German. I didn't really know my uncle either - I don't remember ever spending time with him my entire life and heard he was extremely shy, especially with women. My dad always wanted me to have great experiences, but I was never asked for my opinion. I had to just trust him; trust that he knew what was best for me. I figured that if I spoke up and shared how scared I was, I would be shot down emotionally, just like I had been when I was placed in a British school when we moved to Bogotá when I turned 13 (where I was the odd ball all throughout high school), so I thought to myself, why waste my breath talking to my parents? Yes... I was dealing with a lot of anger issues....And I felt that there was nobody I could talk to. Noone!!


We were on a family vacation at the time in a little city in Colombia called Honda. I remember being in my room that night and just crying and pouring out my heart to God like never before. I don't remember all that I said, but I remember that I fell asleep on my side and woke up like that the next day with the most peaceful feeling. I had slept incredibly sound that night, like I never had before and never have again. As I think back now, I know that it was God who granted me this peaceful sleep. He helped me realize He would be with me and He allowed me to cry my heart out to Him like I had never been able to do with my dad, nor anyone else. 


If you feel like nobody understands you - like you just can't talk to anyone because nobody understands how you feel and they will just give you a lecture about how you should feel because of this or that - then talk to God. Pour your heart out to Him. He will listen and comfort you always. He loves you more than anyone ever could in this world. **By the way, I wish I could say from them on my relationship with God was amazing, but it wasn't. It still took me several decades and lots of heart breaks before I completely released my life and will to God. Now, every day with Him is sweeter than the day before, as the song says. He is the best counselor and friend I could ever have! I live with peace every single day. I still face problems and challenges, and I still run to Him and have counseling sessions, but I have learned to lean on Him always and He gives me peace in the midst of it all. 

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