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God and I can Handle It!

On January 2nd, I broke my wrist rollerskating at Huntington Beach with my husband. Through this hard experience I have learned that there is nothing that can happen to me that God and I can't handle together. My love for Him deepens daily, and my faith and trust in Him is getting strengthened as I cast my fears, worries, discouragement and pain in His hands. I am grateful for that! 


The pain when I fell was horrible! I fell backwards and put all my weight on my left wrist to break my fall. I thought I had severely sprained it, but a few days later when I had it x-rayed at UCI hospital, I found out it was totally fractured and one of the bones was dislocated. Surgery was set for a week later. 


When they got some blood work done, I was found to be anemic. My hemoglobin was very low and my iron level was at 6, when it should be at 12 as a minimum. Therefore, I was asked to spend the night on Thursday night, with hopes that I could be operated around noon the next day, Friday, if my body took the blood transfusion well. I was given two pints of blood that night and indeed had surgery on Friday around 3 p.m. and they put a full arm splint on that left arm.


The pain was terrible that night first night and my stomach could not tolerate the morphine they tried to give me. The next morning I was throwing up anything I took in, if it was not water. The pain was still intense. The nurse gave me a small dose of liquid medicine to help with the upset stomach, and then a small dose of liquid morphine. I was then able to rest and was able to tolearate what I ate and drank. I spent a third night at the hospital, though, since my ortho doctor thought it would be best for me. 


 The pain was very tolerable the first week I was home, but I could not do much of anything. My kids learned how to cook more meals and go grocery shopping on their own. My son continues to help out with dinners two weeks after the surgery since I still need quite a bit of help. Showering was hard on my own and washing my own hair was out of the question. My husband helped me once with that.


A week after leaving the hospital, I went back for check-up and they took out the stitches and put a small blue cast on. That night the pain was at a level 8 and it was hard to sleep. As I prayed about what to do, God gave me wisdom so I did not have to take pharmaceutical drugs to soothe me and then get addicted to them. Instead, I started taking a supplement that had essential oils and other ingredients that enhance and support the healing of bones and ligaments. I also continued to focus on consuming foods and beverages that supported my healing, which included a lack of processed sugar. Fruit - fresh and dry - became my sugar. I learned to eat new snacks that were high in protein and iron, like for example raw cheese with roasted almonds, or roasted almonds with raisins. As I got itchy, I learned ways to deal with it like applying Lemon or Peppermint oil on the bottom of my feet, which helped soothe it temporarily. I also blew cold air into the cast quite often. 


I now can go on short walks with my dog and can sleep fairly well through the night. I can drive more and I can help cook some meals. Pain is very mild and inflammation is slowly going down, though not very fast. I will be wearing my cast another 10 days and then get to go in for another check up to see what's next. Through it all, my relationship with God has gotten stronger, and for that I will be eternally grateful. The enemy keeps trying to discourage me, but God keeps encouraging me as I come to Him in tears. I realize He will continue to provide for all that I need and that truly there is absolutely nothing that God and I cannot handle together. 

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