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Wait on the Lord and Soar Like and Eagle

Too many times we allow ourselves to get too weary and therefore start making wrong choices in the way we act and the way we speak. That is why it is imprtant to get away to renew our strength. How can we do this, especially when we are superbusy and just don't have time for a vacation, even a weekend getaway? 


Joyce gives us a wonderful tip in her book "Never Give Up", and so I'd like to share an excerpt with you: 

"You may not be able to go on a two-week vacation right now, but you can start with several five-minute vacations each day. You may not be able to go away for several days, but even if you have to escape to a bathroom stall or play a worship song in your car, GET ALONE WITH GOD for a few minutes and say, "Jesus, I need a little renewal. I love you. I workship you. Strengthen me and renew me." He wants to strengthen and restore you so you will be able to persevere and enjoy success. Waiting on the Lord does not have to be complicated. Just put Him on the top of your priority list. He wants you to have and enjoy a quality of life you may be missing because you are not spending time with Him."


Don't allow yourself to get too weary. Take the time to just relax in the presence of the Lord. Another little tip I would like to give you is an essential oil one. If you are out and about, apply some Stress Away, Valor or Lavender on the back of your neck and then just ask God to renew your strength in the way Joyce recommends. If you are at home and you have a diffuser, you may choose to diffuse one of those oils in your room or living and enjoy the aroma as you spend some time relaxing in God's presence. You could also apply one of those oils (or another one that is very soothing to you) and go for a little walk, even if it is just around the block. God WILL renew your strength as you come into His presence and ask for the renewal of your Spirit. He has done it many times for me, and countless other people, and He will do it for you as well. 


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