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God Desires To Turn Us Into Silver and Gold

This metaphor that is used in the Bible is amazing! When we first start out in life, when He first calls us to do the mission He has for us in life, we are rough, hard-edged stones that can't be used that well. However, He takes the time to refine us and turn us into beautiful gems of silver and gold so that He can use us more fully. As Os Hillman says in one of his devotionals:

"The refiner's fire can only accomplish its purposes when the heat is turned up to extraordinary temperatures. It breaks down the metal in order for it to become moldable and shapeable. Only when the temperatures reach this level can the work be fully accomplished. So it is in our lives."


As I continue to build a network marketing business partnering with Young Living Essential Oils, God is showing me that this metaphor is made even clearer here. When He has refined me enough, He will literally put me in the rank of Silver and then the rank of Gold. It's not through my own efforts that I get to these ranks! It's through obedience to Him and allowing Him to mold me into the leader that HE desires me to be. When I have been refined, He will will put me in these ranks so I can be of better service to Him and lead others even better in Young Living, relying on HIS wisdom, not on my own.