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Peace on the Road Less Traveled

As Robert Frost said in his poem, "I took the road less traveled and it made all the difference". Too many times we think that traveling the road that is widely taken is what is going to make us happy. However, on it we encounter a lot of disease, stress, and negative people that complain all the time about pretty much everything. The road less traveled may be hard, but the few people on it are committed and peaceful, and therefore happy, positive and energetic. 


It may seem like the road less traveled is very lonely, and is a lot of the times because most people prefer the company of others, even if they are negative, stressed out and sick most of the time. However, I believe that following this road only leads to depression and I choose not to take it. I prefer the obstacles I encounter on the road less traveled because the road leads to a life filled with freedom, peace, joy and many other blessings. 


The obstacles on the road less traveled turn out to be stepping stones leading to a fuller, more energetic life; the obstacles on the road that is traveled by many are like quick sand in which we sink deeper and deeper into a stressful lifestyle. On the road less traveled, the obstacles will help us reach higher ground so that we can be better people, stronger in our beliefs and values, whereas the other road drags us down into dark places that fill us with fear and depression. We may have more company on the other road, but is it truly worth it to follow this road?


I chose to take the road less traveled, and it's truly made all the difference in my life. God has been with me every step of the way, lighting up the dark pathways of my journey and showing me the way to a happier, more fulfilling life. Every person I encounter on the road from time to time encourages me. I yearn for the day where more people will accompany me on my journey, but I am peaceful going on this road alone, because I have the best companion of all: Jesus. I can tell Him everything that is bothering me, as well as share my joys with Him. As He promised, He fills my life with peace in the midst of the storms that come up from time to time. The road is hard, but not stressful. I will take the obstacles on this road anytime over the obstacles of the road traveled by many and leading to disease and early death. 


I hope you will choose to take the road less traveled. It will make all the difference in the world! 

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