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Trust in God


(A poem by Lisa Mae Huddleston)


God knows your every thought,

your every sorrow

your deepest desire, 

and your every need.


God never leaves us where He found us.

He desires to show us

great and marvelous things

through patience, trust and a willing heart.

If we just believe, He will lead the way,

unlocking what once seemed impossible.


God knows who He made you to be.

The good work He started in you

He will complete.

That is His promise.

Put this promise in your heart.

Reflect on in it every day.

If something comes along

that makes you doubt 

remember the words written in your heart.


God knows His plan for you -

a plan that will bring you happiness,

prosperity, and all the fulfillment

your heart desires.


You are blessed yesterday, today and always.

God knows what He is doing,

even if sometimes we don't understand.

He only asks that we TRUST IN HIM.