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Life is a DAILY ADVENTURE and God gives us the freedom to enjoy it fully.

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My family 2016

Hi, there!!!! My name is Mirdza, the creator of our family blogsite so that we can share with you who we are (if you don't know us personally) and what is going on in our family life! Big Grin Life is an adventure, so thank you for joining us on ours.


 I hope that this site will be both inspirational and educational for you. Not only will you be able to find out what is going on in the life of each of the people in our family, and our adventures in schooling/unschooling our two youngest kids, but I'm hoping to EMPOWER you to live a thriving life, not merely survive from day to day. I will be blogging in the Peaceful Moments page to encourage everyone in their daily life. You will also be able to find blogposts about other things like the network marketing profession, essential oils, the Young Living lifestyle, leadership, exercise, healthy living, the Blissful Haven Project, and other things which God puts on my heart.



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