Welcome to our Family Website and Blog.

Life is a DAILY ADVENTURE and God gives us the freedom to enjoy it fully.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

Hi, there!!!! My name is Mirdza and I have decided to create a family website and blog to share with you who we are (if you don't know us personally), and what is going on in our family life! Big Grin Life is an adventure, so thank you for joining us on ours.


 In this site, you will be able to read blogs about many different things: what is going on in the life of each of the people in our family, and our adventures in schooling/unschooling our two youngest kids. Mirdza will also be blogging in her Peaceful Moments page to encourage everyone in their daily life; she will also be blogging about other things like network marketing, essential oils, exercise, healthy living, the Blissful Haven Project, and other things which God puts on her heart..


Last, but not least, we will have a family photo page where we will be adding pictures throughout the years to come so you can see what kind of things we are doing, including the family vacations we take. We also have a "Yearly Highlights" where we share a few tidbits of what went on each year so you can be updated on our yearly comings and goings.

Welcome to our online world!!